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Subject: Re: site to site vpn
From: "Russell Berry" <russ,AT,berrex,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 10:45:35 -0400
References: <200309151951.16911.keith@theargoncompany.com>

Hello Keith,

CIPE is perfectly suited to your needs.  I have the setup in place for many
clients worldwide.  I personally chose cipe long ago before it was in any
distribution because of its security and manageability.  Many of my clients
have 'remote' or branch offices/sites in various geographic locations.  Some
spanning multiple continents.  So the costs involved for them to lease a
dedicated line to another site can quickly become prohibitive.  CIPE allows
for a secure tunnel through any medium, thus giving them even more security
than a dedicated line for the cost of a standard high speed internet
connection. Since CIPE tunnels all traffic encapsulated inside UDP packets,
your traffic is 'invisible' to the casual snooper/sniffer.  Some people
don't like the private key mechanism, I happen to prefer it, so CIPE has
always been the perfect solution for me.  As for support, the fine people on
this list will help you from the most trivial to the most obfuscated
implementations you can think of.

I have 'evaluated' other tunnel forms, including IPSEC devices, freeswan,
etc.  Nothing stacks up to CIPE for my needs.  My clients include private
coroporations, government offices, financial institutions, academia, medical
community, etc.  Some of the connections are very critical and even have
failover configurations with secondary connections available, and they ALL
have strong security needs.  They trust my company with all their data and
data security, and I trust CIPE.

I sound like a CIPE commercial!  That's okay, I believe in it, I'd do a
commercial for free!


Russell Berry
Berrex Computer Solutions
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From: "Keith Fernandez" <keith,AT,theargoncompany,DOT,com>
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Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 10:21 AM
Subject: site to site vpn

> Hi,
> I have two offices, where I need to allow the machines in one office to
> the machines in the other office.
> Is that possible with just using CIPE.
> Is there something besides setting up CIPE that I need to do...
> My requirement
> I want the machines from both subnets to see machines from other subnets
> though they are on the same network, to acess services like samba,
> mail(pop/smtp), etc..
> What I have
> The two network's have differnet private addressing's for the subnets
> We have fast static public IP addresses to the internet...
> This is possible with SuperFreeSWAN... If I can do this with CIPE, I would
> like to switch over to cipe, since redhat has support for CIPE, and I wont
> have to patch and compile kernels....
> Thanks in advance.....
> Regards,
> Keith
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