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Subject: RES: Cannot setup >1 cipe interfaces
From: "Leonardo Larsen Rocha" <leonardo,AT,nunix,DOT,com,DOT,br>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 13:25:48 -0300
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Title: Mensagem
or the same interface for cipcb1
in ifcfg-cipcb1
check options.cipcb1
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Assunto: Re: Cannot setup >1 cipe interfaces

You need to include your cipcb0 and cipcb1 files with keys commented out and routeable IP addressess replaced with xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx for your own protection.
My guess is you're using the same udp port numbers for both interfaces... But it could be something else, can't know without seeing the configs.

Russell Berry
Berrex Computer Solutions
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Subject: Cannot setup >1 cipe interfaces


i try to setup cipe for more than one roadwarrior.
i tested with one cipe tunnel and it worked,
now i try to setup a second cipe interface on redhat server,
so i copied the options.cipcb0 file to options.cipcb1 and altered the
settings in the new options.cipcb1 file.
when i start the ciped service it tries to start the cipcb1 and the the cipcb0,
but cipcb0 fails with error in log:

ciped-cb[xxxxx]: opendev: bind: Address already in use

can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?

regards, wolf

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