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To: cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de
Subject: Re: CIPE RH linux + Windows 2000 routing problem - It is working :-))
From: Zkoumalek <zkoumalek,AT,seznam,DOT,cz>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 12:30:44 +0200 (CEST)
Reply-to: Zkoumalek <zkoumalek,AT,seznam,DOT,cz>

> I am having the same problem as you. What commands did you give to
> 'arp'; which mac, which ip; and 'route'; which netmask, gw, and intf?
> Thanks in advance,
> Micha.


My network:

linux pub. IP--|LINUX|--
--win2000 pub. IP--|Win2000|--

on Linux side works everything fine. I read cipe manual and made it step by 
step. Don't forget add appropriate route.
My route:
route add -net netmask dev cipcb0

But on Windows 2000 station was problem. Only ping on "Peer PTP address" 
( in my config) worked fine, but ping on another machine in my 
peer network (192.168.1.X <=> X != 1) failed.
Mr. from "edv-service" helped me :-).

On Windows 2000 machine:
1. Set correctly cipe configuration.
2. Add route command into routing table.
My route:
route add mask
3. Add all IP addresses from linux private network (In my case: network into Windows arp table as static record - and insert it into 
interface "Local PTP address". I have 1 perl script which I can use when is 
cipe starting and second when is cipe stopping. This script makes all 
necessary things.
When cipe starts I make something like this:
arp -s 08-00-58-00-00-02 -N
arp -s 08-00-58-00-00-02 -N

when cipe stops I make something like this:
arp -d
arp -d

And where I found MAC 08-00-58-00-00-02? I made ping (It works 
fine :-)). Then I made arp -a and I found something like:
Inet address       MAC address        08-00-58-00-00-02

Thats all. Try ping on another machine inside network behind Linux router. It 
must work, I hope :-).

You are welcome,
T. Zkoumalek
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