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Subject: Was: What do you guys think about this? Is: Olaf, are you there?
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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 17:28:38 -0300 (BRT)
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I saw the post at /. 2 days ago.
Not having a single line from Olaf about this thread HERE is driving me
crazy. Does anybody has a more personnel contact with him to tell me if he
is - at least - informed about what's going on at /. and here?



> <rant>
> Well, that's exactly the kind of thing that is irking me. This guy IS a
> respected and knowledgeable cryptography expert but he is of the apparent
> opinion that we are not capable of figuring out our own needs and
> obtaining/developing the solutions for them.
> I'm especially  perturbed because I spent time writing the Win32 port
> eschewing PPTP, IPSec and a host of others in favour of CIPE, knowing
> fully
> well that if an intermediate router decided to capture the entire stream,
> it
> was possible to perform a replay attack. I'm particularly insulted because
> I
> spent most of a year implementing a protocol that, in his 15 minutes, he,
> along with the Slashdot crowd, has decided should just be scrapped and
> abandoned. What, exactly has he written to fill our need ?
> Only one Slashdot poster (a professional, it appeared) was able to
> articulate
> that the "solutions" that Peter Gutmann proposed would prevent non TCP
> protocols from utilising the VPN properly. The alternatives suggested have
> the same problems that they had when I first looked at them.
> </rant>
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