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To: Mark Smith <mark.smith,AT,avcosystems,DOT,co,DOT,uk>
Subject: Re: List structure
From: Phil Scarratt <fil,AT,draxsen,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 23:47:11 +1000
Cc: cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de
In-reply-to: <000901c38415$99d5a140$d100010a@lyta>
Organization: Draxsen Technologies
References: <000901c38415$99d5a140$d100010a@lyta>

Mark Smith wrote:

I'm going to take a moment to bring back something I mentioned some time
ago - multiple mailing lists.

I strongly recommend we split the list to keep the user requests away from
development or design.  We seem to have need for a development and design
discussion, which I want to keep off the main user list.  The existing list
could then be used for assistance and announcements, which should hopefully
keep the bandwidth down a little.  The new list could then take all the
traffic we've been seeing with regards everyone's desire to help, to discuss
even if individuals do not possess technical knowledge.

I know I'm no crypto expert, but I am a programmer and I'd like to think
I've got a little bit of common sense, I've already been taking a look at
the potential for messing with packets, so as a result I believe I have
something I may be able to contribute into a discussion about the matter.
I've seen many others with similar desires and differing abilities.

We have two user bases - end users and contributors.  Let's make use of this
while we can.

I'd vote for two lists also......


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