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Subject: Re: CRC32 - thoughts on Gutmann response
From: "Chaos Eternal" <chaos,AT,geekbone,DOT,org>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 10:43:13 +0800
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well, i would say 64 bit RSA is totally unsecure, nor the 128bit RSA.
in cipe, 128bit symetric encryption is used -- blowfish

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Subject: RE: CRC32 - thoughts on Gutmann response

Eric M. Hopper wrote:
> Good security isn't just for you, it's for everybody you share
> the Internet with.  Once a tool can be shown to have weaknesses
> that can be fixed, they should be fixed, no excuses, no "it's
> good enough for my purpose", none of that.  That way leads one
> day to an Internet that's completely unusable for the vast
> majority of people because of DDOS attacks and whatever else.

Well, I didn't say it *shouldn't* be fixed.   But let's put this into
perspective here.

There's people that will tell you that 64-bit RSA just isn't enough
these days, because 128bit is "so much more" secure.  It is more secure,
but it took what, 5 years and hundreds of thousands of PC's, for
distributed.net to find their key.   I'd say 64bit is fine for me..

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