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To: cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de
Subject: Re: Problem to set up cipe through ppp0
From: Christoph Biedl <cbiedl,AT,gmx,DOT,de>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 12:44:33 +0200
In-reply-to: <001901c38cb5$969bfbc0$0acaa8c0@saturn>
References: <001901c38cb5$969bfbc0$0acaa8c0@saturn>

Daniel Wild wrote...

> I have a problem to set up a tunnel through my ppp0. I hope this is the
> right place for asking such installation problems.


> My /etc/cipe/options:

Looks well.

> ptpaddr
> ipaddr
> debug
> # my UDP address. Note: if you set port 0 here, the system will pick
> # one and tell it to you via the ip-up script. Same holds for IP
> me    

Since you get dynamic IPs from your provider you'll have to change that
every day. You'd better enter "" there.

> # mtu     1492

No need to play with mtu - at least for me cipe manged to find a suitable

> If I start cipe, he searches the peer host, prompt a few points after it
> an means, no route to host, like this:
> server:~ # /etc/init.d/cipe start
> Starting CIPE daemon
> for peer  Error: No route to peer.              
>            skipped
> server:~ #

What's the result of a traceroute (or mtr) to the peer address?

Does cipe actually start? Anything obvious in /var/log/syslog (or
messages)? Do you set routes in ip-up, a route that include the peer

> My routeing looks like this:

Looks OK

> Wat's my fault? 

Just to make sure: The traffic from/to the remote peer does not get
filtered by iptables? The remote host is reachable and a ciped there is
running and properly configured?


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