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To: cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de
Subject: how to configure windows xp client behind router
From: perl,AT,smk-gmbh,DOT,de
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 12:00:29 +0200

hi there,

i have my redhatserver 9 (latest) configured as cipe server and my windows xp clients which are connected from home with direct ppp dialup (adsl)
work great without any problems.

now there are 2 roadwarriors behind a adsl nat router (netgear mr 314 and smc barracuda 7004).

i have configured the cipe same on these clients, but the connection can't be established.

i think i have to configure the routers (and routes) somehow, but don't know how.

am i right that i need to forward the protocol and tunnelend (of vpnserver) on the clientrouter to the redhatserver?
and what about setting the routes?
the router has dynamic ip.

my configuration looks like:
cipcb0 on redhat server:
# options.cipcb0 left side
device cipcb0

# The peer's IP address

# Our Cipe device's IP address

# my UDP address. Notes: if you set port 0 here,
# the system will pick one and tell it to you via
# the ip-ip script. Same holds for IP
me public-ip:11111

# ... and the UDP address we connect to.
# Of course no wildcards here
# + maxerrs -1 fr peer mit dyn. ip, sonst ip:port angeben
maxerr -1

# The static key. Keep this file secret!
# The key is 128 bits in hexadecimal notation.
key blablabla

at the working xp clients i have also a addroute.cmd which establishes the route
with "route add 192.168.xxx.0 mask"
for the internal lan. i placed it in the cipe settings dialog box.

So if someone can get me some tips to configure the network at the clients behind the routers would be very helpful,
because my problem is that i can't configure the vpn there myself, i have to write down the docs for them.

Regards, Wolf

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