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To: "CIPE Mailinglist" <cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de>
Subject: Connecting two networks through two linuxservers with lots of winXP-clients on each side ... :/
From: "Benjamin E. Schallar" <smarty,AT,schallar,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 13:13:20 +0100
Thread-index: AcOeFgrsP7j859uuS3WTkletY24SOA==


I have two networks communicating over cipe successfully, it seems to me,
but somehow it doesn't work.

The current configuration is:

Client(s)/Network 0
Client(s)/Network 1 -------\ Server A                            Server B
/--------- (eth0)     
(eth0)             a.b.c.d (eth1) --- {internet} --- m.n.o.p (eth1)

Both servers run Linux with cipe 1.5.4, most clients run Windows XP;
Both a.b.c.d and m.n.o.p are direct connections to the internet (running
over sdsl).

Ports are opened everywhere / where necessary.

Configuration of Server A is:
--- /etc/cipe/options ---
me: a.b.c.d:10101
peer: m.n.o.p:20202
maxerr -1
key <...>
--- (end) ---

Server B is the same with 'ptpaddr' swapped with 'ipaddr', and 'me' and
'peer' likewise.

To access the internet, both networks use their servers with a simple
NAT-script (MonMotha's Fw 2.2).

So ... I can ping from the internal network from server A to server B and
the other way around,
but I can't do so from elsewhere in network 0 to network 1.

I think I need either way some (S?)NAT to do the routing either directly or
with a cipe-client
on each client in the network (though the latter hardly seems useful);
something else I thought of was: advising each winXP client to route all
traffic for
192.168.x.0/24 through the networks server - this would be the best way I
but neither do I know how to do that, nor if its possible altogether.

Any Ideas, Suggestions ... ?

Thanks in advance for comments on this,
 - Benjamin

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