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Subject: Re: Quake 3 with cipe
From: Richard Gregory <R.Gregory,AT,liverpool,DOT,ac,DOT,uk>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 14:07:41 +0000
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Fragmentation is not an issue, the lan traffic before reaching the tunnel looks the same and the packets are small (56-100 bytes). This itself incurs quite a bit of overhead when used with cipe, but that can't be avoided and is not a real problem.

Next up will be to test via a ssh/pppd tunnel and to test against a local Q3 server, maybe this will give some clues.



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Mark Smith wrote:
Here's another one then - are your packets too large?  The packet size
allowed through CIPE is smaller than the packets that go through direct, to
allow for the CIPE packet header.  It's quite possible that Linux handles
this differently to XP (or 2K), but I don't actually know of any direct fix,
apart from perhaps dropping the interface MTU manually using, eg, DrTCP.

Hope this helps,

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