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To: <cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de>
Subject: Many cipe devices wanted.
From: "Marc Schnyder" <m.schnyder,AT,johner-informatik,DOT,ch>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 11:31:48 +0100
Importance: Normal


I want to have a lot of cipe devices.

however after i have set up cixcb0 to cixcb5 it doesn't want to allocate any
more devices.
cixcb: failed to allocate device 6

as long i have less than 6 devices there's no problem make a device called
for instance cixcb52

the other computer complains about the same after only two cipe devices.

I'm using Linux-2.4.20  with cipeX-1.5.4-1.10 (on debian 3.0)

is there any adjustable limit for interfaces somewehre in the kernel.

I've heard that cipe comes hardcoded with a limit of 100 devices. that would
be enough

i've looked in 'make menuconfig' in 'Networking Options' and 'Network device
support' for anything like this.
I didn't yet start looking through the kernel sources, and wouldn't know
where to start anyway ;-))

Does anyone know how to get more devices?


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