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Subject: Re: Nat & Port forwarding
From: Tommi Kyntola <tommi.kyntola,AT,ray,DOT,fi>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 13:24:37 +0300
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owner-cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de wrote:

Hi, I'm trying to use cipe between 2 Linux servers, one with static public IP address(server1), and another that connects to the Internet via NAT with dinamic public address(server2).

I wanted to know if I should enabled port-forwading in my NAT
router to my cipe server2 that has a private address.

Port-forwarding is not necessary, with dynip turned on from the server side cipe config you can just aswell masquerade the ports as usual. Other (but not as flexible and redundantly complex) solution is to do port forwarding without the dynip and the set the peer to match the port forwarded machine, but I certainly don't recommend this, because it's far more easier with dynip turned on. After that it doesn't matter where your machines connect to the server.

I have setup my server1 to listen only, that is, its peer address

Well, with dynip turne on it doesn't matter what you have there. will do just fine, too.

As far as I understand, server2 will connect to server1 and
then, server2 will run the ping command in order to server1
to optain the IP address of server2.

you should set dynip 1 in you server1 config and set the server2 to ping 60 (or whatever suits you.

Is this correct?

Yes, but you musn't forget the dynip setting from the public static server.

Many thanks

Oliver Schulze L.

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