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To: Shashank Khanvilkar <shashank,AT,mia,DOT,ece,DOT,uic,DOT,edu>
Subject: Re: Cipe VPN between Multiple nodes.
From: Tommi Kyntola <tommi.kyntola,AT,ray,DOT,fi>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 12:45:32 +0300
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I suggest you let one of the nodes be a router for the private
network. It may also provide internet connections and function
as a firewall for them. All nodes should open tunnels to that
router node. Notice that this works even when the nodes are
spread out all over the internet, they may even be dynamic (roadwarriors)
as long as the router/gateway has static ip so that all nodes can find it.

After thinking about that solution people usually start wondering what
happens when you start having hundreds of nodes. Well, nothing
special, having one port open for each nodes is actually really
fast way to handle states, moreover it becomes very easy to
have specific firewall rules for different vpn connections.


Shashank Khanvilkar wrote:

I know how to set up cipe between two nodes. However if i have multiple nodes (say 4) do i have to repeat the same procedure and creat 6 independent tunnels, or is there an easier way.

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