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Subject: re: CIPE and XP SP2
From: <gl,AT,amanduro,DOT,de>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 21:58:39 +0100
Importance: Normal
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I installed CIPE-Win32 v2.0-pre15 on Windows XP SP1 before setting up the XP
SP2 and afterwards I installed CIPE-Win32 on Windows XP with SP2 already set
up. Made it work in both cases despite the lack of the 'Local Area
Connection' which is used for configuring the CIPE adapter's IP address.
After installing the cipe-win32 driver, an "IPCONFIG /ALL" shows that the
CIPE adapter does not yet have the PTP IP address that you probably want it
to have. But how to configure it without the CIPE`s 'Local Area Connection'?
The answer is: you can hack it directly in the registry with regedit (but be
careful not to smash your registry said Bill... ;-) )

Here comes a three step tutorial, but without any warranty if something goes

1. Open the registry with regedit and mark the following subkey:
   Press STRG + F and search for "CIPE VPN Adapter" (without quotation
marks). This should lead you to a REG_SZ with the name "DriverDesc" and the
value "CIPE VPN Adapter". Now look for the REG_SZ with the name
"NetCfgInstanceId" that is located under the same subkey like "DriverDesc".
It looks like {86CD7824-1A33-4115-BC0A-E123A02B7F4A} for example. This is
your CIPE adapters ID.

2. Search for the subkey that contains the IP Configuration of the CIPE
   Here have to edit some entries:
   a. set the "EnableDHCP" dword to "0".
   b. "IPAddress" REG_MULTI_SZ is your CIPE adapters PTP address.
   c. CIPE-Win32 treats the VPN adapter like an Ethernet device and wants
the peer to be on the same
      TCP/IP subnet (Thanks to Damion Wilson). Configure "SubnetMask"

3. Navigate to the following subkey:
   check the same entries as mentioned above and edit them to contain the
same values -is it necessary?-
  ("EnableDHCP", "IPAddress", "SubnetMask").

Next you can go to the CIPE control panel applet and add press the "New
Peer" button to start configuring one. You will find that the PTP address is
now set (as the CIPE-Win32 manual says).

Hope someone will find this information useful.


Gerd Liebhardt

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