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Subject: Re: Cipe 1.6.0 VPN stalled if big file are transferred
From: "Giacomo Gorgellino" <giacomo.gorgellino,AT,contisoft,DOT,it>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 17:12:02 +0100
Cc: <cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de>
References: <007a01c63ea4$52653180$4b2c66ad@contisoft> <440811AC.504@bank-connect.com> <00ab01c63eaf$1cd248e0$4b2c66ad@contisoft> <440845FB.3020601@bank-connect.com> <011b01c63ecd$629ef440$4b2c66ad@contisoft> <44085F16.7060004@bank-connect.com> <01c601c63ed9$aa5ced80$4b2c66ad@contisoft> <003401c641ee$4fa0fbd0$4b2c66ad@contisoft> <1141742756.8434.26.camel@les-home.futuresource.com>
Reply-to: "Giacomo Gorgellino" <giacomo.gorgellino,AT,contisoft,DOT,it>

> On Tue, 2006-03-07 at 07:52, Giacomo Gorgellino wrote:
> > By doing other test I found that only when a file is transferred by the
> > server with a faster connection (1Mbit) to a cipe server with a slower
> > connection (adsl 640Kbit) trough scp over cipe the tunnel goes in stall.
> >
> > May be that is some kind of UDP-flood ?
> > About this I found only CA-1996-01, may cipbe be vulnerable ?
> If you are only doing one transfer the speed should be
> throttled by the tcp window set on the underlying connection.
> If other things are happening on the same tunnel you could
> easily drop udp packets carrying the tunnel but the underlying
> tcp retries should eventually get things through.
> You might be able to use rsync with the --bwlimit option to
> control the sending rate better.

I tried again to transfer a file with scp not over the CIPE and now it goes
also in "stall", so i think i made some mistake in the first test, but now I
can say that:

_it's not a CIPE problem._

May be my router or my linux server .. but this is not the right place to
discuss on it i think.


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