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To: Amaury Rodriguez <amaury_beltre,AT,yahoo,DOT,com>
Subject: Re: How to install CIPE
From: Giacomo Gorgellino <giacomo.gorgellino,AT,contisoft,DOT,it>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 17:17:39 +0200
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As described here http://sites.inka.de/sites/bigred/devel/cipe-doc/cipe_2.html#SEC9
the module is named linke cipc* where the last letter is the cipher.

You can also search the module in your linux machine doing:

# modprobe -l | grep cipc


Amaury Rodriguez ha scritto:
I compiled CIPE 1.6.0 on a CentOS system, but I'm not
sure what's the next. What's the  name of the cipe

Att. Amaury

Amaury Rodríguez

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