Robert E. Howard
Kull (C) (1995)
The Robert E. Howard Library Vol. II
Reviewed: 1996-04-10

The tales of King Kull take us back to ancient and mythical times, the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, precursor to the Hyperborian Age. Kull is a barbarian from Atlantis, an outcast disowned by his people because he gave a girl destined to be burned alive a merciful death. He has found a new home in the civilized but decadent empire of Valusia, and after many years has fulfilled his lifelong ambition to become King. Rising to the throne is easier than maintaining it, though. Now Kull must defend against treason, the worldly powers of ambitious noblemen, and the dark magic of unholy wizards from the unfathomable past of ancient Valusia and even elder days. At his side is Brule the Spear-slayer, a warrior of the barbarian Picts. Unfamiliar with statecraft, Kull lends confidence to the words of Ka-nu, an old Pict diplomat skilled in the art of political intrigue, and chief councilor Tu, wise in the customs of Velusia.

Kull is typical of Howard's sword-wielding heroes: a simpleminded man of strong physical build, a barbarian, superstitious, but justly so in a world where magic is real, an awesome warrior, a man of most simple morals. Howard's choice of characters betrays a desire for the (fictitious) simpler ages portrayed in his works. Basically, Howard wrote cheap escapist trash for pulp magazines, but there is a certain hard to explain charm to his work, at least in part a result of Howard's considerable skill as a writer in this genre.

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