Kim Stanley Robinson
The Martians (C) (1999)
Reviewed: 2002-08-28

This collection is a companion to Robinson's Red, Green, Blue Mars. The book assembles various material that didn't make it into the main volumes or didn't quite fit it in, and maybe some afterthoughts as well. From the floor of the cutting room we get fragments, extra episodes, impressions, poems, some pieces rather whimsical, featuring both familiar and new characters. Robinson takes the opportunity to portray events in a different time frame, zoom in or out, and even includes a few bits of alternate history. Alternate to that of the trilogy, that is.

With respect to the future history presented in the trilogy, the single most interesting piece included is the full text of the Martian constitution of 2128. The largest individual segment is made up of the novella "Green Mars" that follows a group of people scaling Olympus Mons. Lots of mountain climbing and landscape. From some of the final stories we get a glimpse at the future beyond Blue Mars, or perhaps that is a piece of alternate history, too?

Don't touch this book unless you have read and enjoyed the original trilogy.

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