computer collection


I‘ve been dealing with computers for a long time and at some point I began collecting old, discarded computers. For those of you who are not familiar with this type of hobby: It‘s almost like collecting postage stamps:

- You do it alone (mostly)

- You can spend money and time doing it.

- If you are doing it seriously, it‘s important to know the details

- If you know the details, there‘s a lot of difference inside the topic.

- It may sound like a useless way to spend one‘s leisure time.

Admittedly, the disadvantage of computers is that they are usually bigger than postage stamps.

The following computers are currently part of my collection:

Sumitomo Sumistation S-P300

Sony NEWS 1850

Sun 3/60

Sun 3/470

Sun 4/260

Sun SPARCstation 10

Sun SPARCstation 20

Sun Ultra 80

Sun Blade 1500

Digital DECsystem 5000/150

DEC 3000/500

Compaq XP1000


HP9000 J6000

HP9000 L2000

HP i2000

HP zx6000

Silicon Graphics Indigo

SGI Indigo2

SGI Challenge L

Data General Aviion 410

these systems are not in my collection anymore, but I still think it‘s worth documenting them here.

Sun 3/80

Sun 386i/250

Sun 4/110

Sun SPARCserver 670MP

HP9000 835

SGI Personal Iris 4D35

DEC VAXstation 3100 M38

DEC 3000/300

DEC Personal Workstation 433au