A Gimp Plugin For 3D Images for Gimp 0.99

This is really not a great thing, I just wanted to test the possibilities of writing plugins for the Gimp, and this is the result.

I wanted to create stereograms as you know. I now ported my magiceye filter to the Gimp 0.99.10. So here is how it works:

First we need a small image that forms the background. This one can be any type of image as long as it has no layers and no alpha-channel.


Then we need something to hide in this background. I took a word, written black on white, gaussian blurred at 9 and then inverted. The flower was another layer. Don't forget to flatten the image before using this plugin. The "whiter" the pixels are, the more they pop out of the background. This one must be a grayscle image and the first n/2 colums must be blank, where n is the number of colums you want to use from the background image. Make sure the image really is a grayscale image, use Image-Grayscale from the menue if the title of the window tells RGB or Indexed, even if the image looks gray.


Now we put them together. Click on the map-image and start the Magic Eye plugin.

This uses the first 80 colums of fels.jpg as the background and map.jpg as the map. You can click OK if you want only one image or Create if you want to try different settings or need more images.

With the Down button you can invert the image so that all the structures will go down instead of up. They will then go up if you cross your eyes when watching the Image.

With the From left button the image is calculated beginning from the left not from the middle.

And here, finally, the result of the effort:

If you stare at it long enough, the Gimp and the flower suddenly pops out of the image.

If you can make something usefull out of it, just send me a mail

If you like, you can download the c source for gimp version 0.99 or 1.1 from here.


Alexander Schulz, January 18, 2001