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Passion = passionate devotion; loving someone/something really intense
Passion = Album from Peter Gabriel (RWCD 1) - Milestone in Worldmusic

What ?

First - my real forename is Michael - Second - I´ve choosen Passion as a Synonym for my life -
Devotion to the Music and the Musicians I like/love/admire and Devotion to life in general.
Although it´s sometimes very tough to live in this world. But everything has a let it be..:-)
Anyway..why Passion´s World ? I´m a huge admirer of Peter Gabriel and his music.
I think it was in 1990 were I first came in contact with an album he made called "Passion" which
he recorded in 1989. It featured some of the greatest musicians and voices in WorldMusic,
Names like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or Youssou N`Dour.
It was the Soundtrack to Martin Scorses Film "The Last Temptation of Jesus Christ".
I found the music and the film one of the most brilliant work of art I´d ever heard or seen.
So..Passion sounded like a name I´d choose to represent me on the Internet.
Especially with Music I can be absolute passionate and full of overwhelming joy. If I want to be.;-)

What can you find Passion´s World ?

This is how should I describe evolutionary site..means it will grow with time.
How long this will hidden in my neural cortex.
In the Moment you will find here:

My Tori Amos - Tourdiary:

A Site about my Journey through Germany, Austria, Netherlands and the U.S.A in the Year 1998
following Tori ingenius Musician, Singer and most of all extremely intelligent and
warmhearted Woman.

My Jeff Buckley - Site:

A tiny Site about one of the greatest voices of all time. A Musician I´ll never forget and who´s given
me and so many others songs for the soul, songs to keep and emotions not from this world.
He died in 1997 but will live forever in the minds and thoughts and hearts of the people who knew
about him and his music.

And the Rest is a Picture of Bill Gates getting smashed by a a Link to the old Site
of a good Friend of mine: Günther - featuring Comics (Sandman, Strangers in Paradise),
Books, Music and more.

Just click on the circles you want..or use the dropdown menu...u have the choice *s*

If you want to call me stupid now or anything else or just talk to´s my e-mail:

Some old pictures of me are under the following links.
If I find the time I´ll make Sites about the AfroCeltSoundSystem, Asian Dub Foundation,
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and more..but I´m kind of it could take a while...;-)

Pictures from my Holiday in Flattach / Austria (only me and some Friends;-)

I in London (sorry..I believe in August 97... my mind is like a huge hole...)

I and TORI AMOS in Hamburg on 11th June 1998 (Stadtpark Hamburg)

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