Tori Amos Tourdiary



23rd June 1998

Frankfurt - Alte Oper - Extra-Show and also the last concert of Tori in Germany


After I arrived at about 03.30 p.m. in Frankfurt glad that I wasn´t to late for the M&G I first met Eric T. from Aachen, Sabrina from Frankfurt and some other known faces who became friends to me during the Tori-Tour. The hottest was certainly Rurik from Cologne.. he came directly from the work and had still his first-class suit on.. THAT looked fabulous ! Respect ! Somehow Rurik and I seemed to think the same a lot of times.. In Nürnberg I thought about CD´s for Tori and Rurik also. Now in Frankfurt I had my little blue elephant from the ``Sendung mit der Maus´´ (``Show with the Mouse´´ - very popular show for children and even the `older ones´´ in Germany) for Tori and Rurik had a sweet little Teddybear..both plush animals..kind of strange..but anyway.. Tori was evidently happy about our little presents. At the M&G I showed Tori the photo of her and Jenny from Berlin to remember Tori if she´d be so nice and play ``Alamo´´ for Jenny. Jenny had requested it yet since Berlin. And besides that I told Tori that Jenny would fly extra from Berlin to Frankfurt today to hear ``Alamo´´. That impressed her pretty much. Tori asked me if I have the Lyrics for ``Alamo´´ with me and I only said that they´d be in my car. Later I ran to the car and picked up the paper with the lyrics of the hotloved song for Jenny out of my car and handed it out to Steve Caton with the request to give it to Tori. I then went together with Christoph V. and Rurik in the City to eat something. We landed at the Pizza Hut...normally they are relatively fast..but it was just the Football-World-Championship and Italy played this day..well..this meant that we´d to wait a full hour for our pizzas !
After I was very near the point to burn down the whole accident..we went back to the Alte Oper trying to get better tickets (on the 09th June I only got tickets for a seat in the 17th row on the left side at the ticket-agency). And who says it.. I got my 2nd row Ticket although on the outer left side but that didn´t matter.. Of course I had to pay for the Ticket once again but for my luck Jenny from Berlin needed also yet a ticket. Jenny did take the long flight from Berlin to Frankfurt after I guess some longer discussions with her after all pretty understanding mother (Hi Uschi !). In every case Jenny had no Ticket and so everything fitted perfectly together..


As I always feel a urge to get in the 1st row respectively to as close as possible to Tori my seat in the 2nd row on the left side was of course not enough for me..hihi.. So it meant to go on ``Seat-Hunt´´ hoping that accidently there is a free seat more in the front and in eye-contact with Tori (cause of forgetfullness or other reasons). Jenny and I had extremely big luck ! 2nd row and DIRECT eye-contact to Tori..once again I made it.. The concert was for sure one of her best e v e r !!! Alone that Tori played ``Alamo´´ with my lyrics-paper on HER Boesendorfer for Jenny from Berlin and yet said this before the song: ´´This girl has come all the way from Berlin to hear this I think she deserves it !´´ was the hammer !!! Jenny was simply blown away as Tori played ``Alamo´´..understandable..hihi.. Nice was yet also that Tori mentioned the German Toriphiles after ``iieee`´ and thanked them (this means Rurik, Eric T., Jenny, Christoph, Thomas, Stephan, Sabrina, me and so many others) combined with an invitation to the USA for the case we would get bored anytime (.. ) Another ingenius thing was.. Matt D. (from USA) was before the stage at the end of the concert and showed his crazy dance while Tori was playing ``Raspberry Swirl Girl´´. Tori had a really huge grin on her face... That was the missing spark... Sabrina, I and many others walked / ran before the stage and danced around totally wild. Tori had visible fun with us ``swirling´´ Toriphiles.. I do believe that this was an excellent closing of Tori´s German-Tour for Tori and all of us. I had the feeling tha Tori smiled at really e v e r y song...

The final M&G took unfortunately place in the rain but a clever Toriphile lent Tori his umbrella and her bodyguard Joel protected Tori with it from the whole floody rain. Tori took a lot of time for us Toriphiles and we all bid farewell to Tori pretty melancholy with the hope to see her again in America. I said yet to Jon Evans (Tori´s Bassplayer) that I try to fly in the USA to see Tori once again this year. He said that I and the others were more than welcome to come over..
After Tori drove away in the Tourbus and we all together waved her goodbye I talked a little with Eric T., Jenny, Rurik, Sabrina, Christoph, Matt D. and all the other Toriphiles that I met during the Tour and who I appreciated highly. I really try everything to see Tori in the USA.. if there´s not something in my Job or someone dies...I´m ready for America !!! In every case I experienced one of the best times in my entire life during this 2 weeks and 2 days that will be damn important for me forever !!! THANK YOU TORI !!! Thanks to all the Toriphiles that I met on the whole Tour !!! Thank you Steve Caton for the ingenius `´Pub-Tour´´ through Bonn !!! Just a HUGE THANK YOU for all and to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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