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 18-Feb-2008 19:15  
Hallo, GPGrelay is very useful software!
I test it at home and everything works fine. All my signs and those of my friends are displayed and I can sort them by keyrules and actions are carried out by them.
But I find a problem when I install it at an other computer: I can see only my personal signs there and no signs of friends are displayed (though they are displayed by WinPT e.g. together). So I can't sign and encrypt messages to anybody! What happens? How to correct it? TX!

 28-Dec-2007 23:14  
The bsdiff and bspatch utilities are extremely useful to me. I appreciate the windows port very much.

Thank you,

BTW: The static background in the guestbook entry textarea ia very subtle yet neat.

   suzanne (    
 24-Apr-2007 20:45  
All i want to say is that i love the things you have on this websit. I can sit for hours and just look!!!

 01-Feb-2007 16:51  
Sehr nette Seite und prima Software. Kein Installertrash, nur das, was man braucht. Warum geht Microsoft nicht bei Dir zu Schule?

everything for _classic _ DOOM:

   Wayne Chandler (    
 15-Apr-2006 21:04  
I browsed here just looking for gpgrelay, stayed to visit for a while. I like your website very much. I found everything I needed to know without being bombarded with too many technical details all at once. Overall tone and appearance of the site is very friendly, yet professional.
Thanks for the experience.

   Michael Wilde (    
 06-Jan-2006 17:35  
GPGrelay works great. Thank you very much. I just hope that actual jobs come back in style here in Michigan so I can contribute to your efforts as well as other opensource efforts.

Thanks again,

   Janne Nieminen (    
 13-Dec-2005 14:12  
Thanks, quite handy software. It's real pain to encrypt regular communications with WinPT or commandline gpg.

   Matthias (    
 30-Nov-2005 17:25  

i_m using gprelay in combination with gnupg version 1.4.2. i am encrypting in mime mode. but when we receive emails, encrypted with my public key (encrypted inlined by sender) the attachment is not decrypted. it shows something like "filename.pdf.asc". a manual decryption via gpg --decrypt-files filename.pdf.asc is successful. But not automatically by gprelay...

what can i do...'?

   Aurelien (    
 13-Nov-2005 18:17  
Hi man !

Greetings from France.
I decide to write you because i like GPG Relay AND GPG Shell, both programs countains everythings i want !
And what is incredible that you are a generous man made them for free =) So the things i can do is at least to say you THanks :)
For French people who got problems with their ISP.

   Timo Heinrich (    
 15-Sep-2005 14:02  

recently become a GPGRelay user. Great stuff!! Thanks a lot for this reliable piece of code!

Kind regards,

#timo from weimar, thuringia

   Jacob duncan (    
 20-Mar-2005 16:31  
You're website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work :-)
You're website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work :-)

   Juan Carmona (    
 08-Mar-2005 00:43  
Hi there!

Your work is ... fantastic, nice!!!


 10-Dec-2004 10:57  
Looks like a great tool for companies where employees don't need to know all about mail encryption/signing. Would be a nice and easier solution than, for example, (mis)using GNU Anubis for this purpose.

If it would only run on *nix...

Hope you'll think about making it run on Linux or BSD..

 05-Nov-2004 19:02  

is there any chance to get GPGrelay running on Linux?
There's no alternative for it there.

 25-Sep-2004 17:59  
really nice site, keep it up. It helped me a lot, thx.


 06-May-2004 19:01  
Vielen Dank für GPGRelay. Ein wirklich prima tool.
Werde es fleissig weiterempfehlen!

   ramandra (    
 22-Apr-2004 15:21  
Great site, keep up the good work!

   Matan (    
 18-Jan-2004 04:44  

May I compliment you for this excellent piece of software! I love it! Keep up the good work!


   Bobby (    
 05-Dec-2003 10:33  
Thank you, everytime I use my mail, I love this program more and more. I used to use WinPT, but having to cut and paste every email was just time consuming. This is quick and easy and I love the subject line feature.

Again, thank you for the great product!

   Jorn Ronnow    
 06-Nov-2003 04:12  
GPGRelay is a very interesting alternative to mail client plugins. Many thanks for making it available!

   Robin Cornelius (    
 05-Sep-2003 15:48  
Thanks for an exelent peiece of software. A simple way of dealing with PGP/GNUPG messages in outlook

   timbral (    
 11-Jan-2003 17:24  
hey dynacore,

nice little projects you got here...
i'm planning to link to this site from
my own later on... having a direct link
to your beatcounter program, if you
don't mind...

keep it up!

site about atari and audio under construction

   David (    
 04-Nov-2002 13:52  
GPGrelay is a great tool. I used to use encryption without it but I couldn't maintain the discipline to sign all my correspondance as I do now. I have a small suggestion.

True, when you send e-mail to differently profiled recipients you either send it clear or not, but you could at least send it signed. Signed mail doesn't become unreadable, so you could set it so that if signing is specified in any profile signing would occur. Just a thought.

Thank you very much for this tool. Do you have a paypal account or something similar?


   dynacore (    
 02-Nov-2002 20:59  

>If you are sending a single email to multiple
>recipients, would it be possible to split the
>message along profile lines?

GPGrelay is designed to be a relay and no MTA, so you can only give problem-handling-hints in the global settings, which means: All plain or all encrypted (which would then be unreadable by "Barney").

Your suggestion would introduce many problems and it would also kill the transparency feature, so you have to live with these limitations, altogether with the potentially problem of revealing the amount of BCC-Recipients.

Maybe there are some "SMTP-Splitter-Tools" out there which you could link into the chain?
To know of these could possibly help some users to avoid the bcc-problem mentioned above.


   Xaos (    
 31-Oct-2002 23:07  
GPGrelay is a very nice tool for those who don't have a plugin, but I have a suggested feature:

If you are sending a single email to multiple recipients, would it be possible to split the message along profile lines?

I want to send a single email to Fred and Barney. Fred is technologically savvy and has GPG, but Barney does not have any encryption at all. When GPGrelay gets the single message, it notices this fact and sends out 2 messages. One is encrypted to Fred and the other is send unencrypted to Barney who does not have a key.

What do you think?

   Rudi (    
 26-May-2002 22:13  
ein wirkliches gelungenes Tool. So etwas habe ich gesucht, jetzt macht mir das Verschlüsseln direkt Spaß :-)
Ein Problem habe ich entdeckt, vielleicht hast Du's schon mal gemeldet bekommen und weißt Abhilfe.
Verschlüsselte E-Mails mit Anhang werden beim Empfang derselben verschlüsselt weitergegeben. Beim Versand dieser E-Mails gibt's kein Problem.
Ach so, noch was, der Norton AntiVirus 2002 verträgt sich nicht besonders mit GPGrealy, er bleibt immer wieder beim Prüfen der ausgehenden Mails hängen. Er wird ja quasi bei jedem Mail 2x aktiviert, zuerst beim Client und dann nochmals beim GPGrelay.
Diese beiden Probleme sollen aber den positiven Eindruck dieses Tools nicht schmälern. Einfach super cool.
Super Seven

   Marty (    
 02-Feb-2002 14:50  
Hey Andreas!

Dein GPRelay ist einsame Spitze und setzt genau an der richtigen Stelle beim Mailtransfer an - "easy to use and reliable".

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn in der nächsten Version die GnuPG-Ausgaben in den entschlüsselten Mails abschaltbar wären.


   Bill Hewitt (    
 14-Oct-2001 16:30  
Regarding PGPrelay v.082:

Keyrules associated with keys are not retained between sessions. All keys are assigned the <Default-Profile> upon startup.

Excellent front-end for GnuPG for those of us without a plugin. Thank you!


 02-Oct-2001 14:43  
Tja, Quästor, wenn man keine Ausdauer für Apps hat muß man halt Demos coden...

Die coole Sonne ist übrigens von nem Kumpel von meinem Bruder; der hat sie auf Pauspapier mit Bleistift gemalt und wollte sie sich irgendwann mal auf den Rücken tätowieren lassen!

Keine Ahnung, ob er's mittlererweile gemacht hat oder nicht (schon ewig nicht mehr gesehen den Mann)...


 02-Oct-2001 14:38  
hi Dyna

code endlich mal was gescheites! nen demo oder so!
apps kann jeder anfänger coden :)
ach. ich hab vergessen: tscc... anfänger für immer ;)
musste ja jetzt kommen. war klar.
aber ich muss gestehen, dass die seite hier einigermassen was her gibt. nette sonne btw.

bis gestern

   dynacore (    
 18-Jul-2001 19:42  

This is mainly a test of this guestbook...
Hope you will write something!


andreas john
schulzenstr. 36
76771 hördt

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