Jerry Pournelle
Exiles to Glory (1977, rev. 1993)
Reviewed: 1996-02-23

Exiles to Glory is a little book set in the same timeline as the Laurie Jo Hansen/Aeneas MacKenzie stories assembled in High Justice and is sequel to those. It retains the same depressing background of humanity being driven ever closer to a catastrophe by an exploding population, shortsighted and corrupt politicians, and uneducated masses blindly following the mistaken ideas of socialism and Green politics. (How did you vote in the last elections?)

By killing an attacker of a youth gang in self-defense, Kevin Senecal, a kid from the slums and now a senior engineering student, forfeits the future he had outlined for himself, of a career protected by a strong union, a life safely nestled into the welfare state. Kevin seizes his only chance left, going into space, and joins a mining outfit on Ceres. There he is caught in a net of sabotage, grand theft, and murder, with possibly the future of humanity at stake. It is up to him and a lovely young woman to stop the criminals.

I recommend reading this book in a set with and subsequently to High Justice.

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