Tori Amos Tourdiary




08th June 1998

Berlin - Columbiahalle -

I and Tori Jenny and Tori Thomas and Tori Heiko and Tori

Arrival in Berlin at nearly 12.00 p.m. - first priority: find the Columbiahalle (CoHa)

The gates were open and so I just walked into the area of the CoHa. The Tourbusses were already there... I asked one of the Roadies if I can stay on this area and he just said: ´ doesn´t bother me..´. So I sat down behind the nextbest Truck directly in sight of the Side-Entrance and began to read my thick Star Trek - Book (“Invasion“) until Tori´s Bodyguard Joel saw me and walked in my direction. He asked me politely: "Who are you ?!“. I explained to him that the one of the roadies said it would be ok to stay here but nevertheless he guided me friendly but definitive out the "area". He revealed me that the M&G would be held at probably 04.30 / 05.00 p.m.
Now I had enough time left ´til the M&G with Tori and so I decided to to buy Tori a little "Blood Rose“ at a Flowershop down the street. As I came back to the Hall there were already some Toriphiles waiting in front of the CoHa. There was the first time I met Rurik from Cologne, Jenny and Thomas from Berlin and Matt Page from New York.
With these and many other Toriphiles I should share one of the absolutely most ingenius and memorable time of my life !!!
My meeting with Tori (my 1st !!!) was totally marvellous ! This was the first time Tori allowed me to make a picture with her. And here was the place where the photo of Jenny and Tori was made which played a very important role at the end of the Tour..but more to this later..


1st row - direct eye-contact to Tori - pretty genius !!!
While Tori played "Icicle" she said shortly before the part with "..and when my hand touches myself I can finally rest my head..." directly into my direction: "I know you love that part..“. It could be that I was getting fire-red in the face at this moment..hihi.. The whole concert was impressing and a first class start for Tori´s German Tour. Some more details and reviews for this concert are in the "Dent". By the way this is really the absolute best Tori Amos - Site on the whole Internet !!!

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