Tori Amos Tourdiary



09th June 1998

Frankfurt - Alte Oper -

Little Earhquakes signed Tori and her German EWS´s Tori w/German EWF´s Tori and Eric with a ´c Tori w/German EWF´s

In the morning at about 10.00 a.m. Matt P. from USA, Jenny from Berlin, Rurik from Cologne and I (..from Waghäusel..little town in the near of a nuclear reactor..) started from Berlin with Matt´s little green Opel Corsa (hired car) to Frankfurt am Main. The cardrive was with about 6 hours pretty long but truly excellent. Especially cause we had the whole time wonderful music on the speakers..from Tori.. On this cardrive I heard "Cooling" for the first time and since then I was captivated by this ingenius song. I don´t even count how often I heard this amazing song now ! As we arrived in Frankfurt (..right at time..puh..) and had the M&G at 04.45 p.m. everything was beautiful and besides that Tori had a terrific mood. She probably came right out of the bathtube cause she just bound her hair together. Truly - I don´t believe that Tori can hardly ever look bad !


I asked Tori in Berlin if she would play "Winter" for me in the concert god..Tori played my favourite song of her in Frankfurt !!! I was blewn away during she played it. I believe that all the people around me just vanished - they weren´t there anymore, only a damn lucky Michael aka Passion who cried most of the time cause of his total joy !!! I even had the feeling that Tori looked right in my direction during "Winter" although I was sitting in the 7th row center. Still something unique happened in Frankfurt.. Tori played shortly before "iieee" a brand new song which just "flew" into her mind. She´ll never play it again - it is and it was u n i q u e .
After the first encore I moved to the stage and stayed there for the last three songs. "Putting the Damage On" was a wonderful closing under a concert of Tori that was with no doubt one of her best perfomances ever (for me). After the concert there were (in opposite to Berlin) really many Toriphiles waiting for Tori (about 80 people). Tori signed without any hurry some Tourbooks, "Little Earthquakes" and other Tori-CD´s/LP´s. I had the chance to thank Tori for playing "Winter". A wonderful smile was the answer to my "Thank you Tori for playing Winter". Berlin was yet genius but Frankfurt was about classes better ! Jenny had unfortunately drive back to Berlin again but I drove together with Matt P. and Rurik to my home as it was only 100 km away. So we had saved the money for a hotel. And besides that we were able to send the first two reviews to Mikewhy´s "A Dent In The Tori Amos Net Universe" - Site on the Internet. Yes..and I also was able to check my e-mails and I slept in my own bed again...hmmm....

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