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Steve Caton smiling - signed - Joel - Agent Orange - Tori´s Bodyguard Nr. 1 Tori and Dutch EWF Tori w/Dutch EWF and on the right side Matt Page Steve Caton smiling.. Tori looking at the lyrics for "Butterfly" given to her by Matt Page Tori "blowing in the wind.." Congressgebouwe

10th June 1998

Den Haag (Netherlands) - Congressgebouwe (CB)

In the morning at about 09.30 a.m. Matt P., Rurik and I drove to Den Haag into the land of Gouda and Marijuana.. We had no ticket yet..but what shalls.. We drove full of optimism to the Netherlands ! As we arrived in Den Haag and found a nice and free parking place (it´s not so easy there..) we came to the CB and met some nice Netherland Toriphiles. We talked a while and they said that there are many people who have no ticket help us god.. No matter..first came the M&G with Tori before the concert. Tori arrived at about 05.00 p.m. at the Side-Entrance of the CB and had all the time of the world for her EWF´s. Matt P. gave her the Lyrics to ´´´Butterfly´´ and I the ones to ´´Black Swan´´. She seemed to know some of us because she spoke to some of them directly with their names (no..not me). After that Rurik and I walked to the Main-Entrance of the CB to hold up shields ´´Search for a Ticket - 1 Kaart gezocht´´...brmpff..the dutch language is really something to die laughing..sorry...Matt P. searched in the mean time for something to eat in the City - Pizza and Cola.. Unfortunately it took a while until everyone had a Ticket (..well..I got mine for 100 Gulden and Rurik and Matt for about 150 Gulden..but Tori is worth much more..). Only 20 Minutes before the concert at 08.30 p.m. we all had our tickets..puh.. Rurik catched a good seat on the balcony (2nd row) and was able to make some exellent photos of the Show. I sat in the 13th row on the balcony but had also and wonderful view on the Show. Matt was so lucky to get a ticket for the 7th row directly before the stage... Lucky Guy !


The Show was unfortunately a little ´´static´´ cause of the audience (only my opinion.. - see the "Dent"). Tori loves it when the people move their bodies and dance to her music. But somehow only near the end of the concert there was a really good mood. Tori played ´´God´´ and ´´Raspberry Swirl Girl´´ at the end and THAT was absolutely amazing !! There was a huge crowd of Toriphiles in front of the stage totally outraged and excited from Tori´s Music. You saw the joy in Tori´s face ! After the concert Tori was in a hurry and went relatively early into to the Tourbus. Maybe because of the long way to Hamburg. So on to Hamburg (with a few stops..we had to sleep..sometimes...gäähnn...) !!!

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