Tori Amos Tourdiary


11th June 1998

Hamburg - Stadtpark -

TORI and ME - signed - TORI and German EWF´s Brooke from the U.S. and me..

As Matt, Rurik and I were fairly tired and had some ´´longer´´´breaks during the cardrive to Hamburg we arrived at nearly 12.00 p.m. in this ´´little´´ town. By the way.. during the cardrive from Den Haag to Hamburg we had a little encounter with the border police... They thought - naturally - that we brought some drugs with us from the Netherlands (Marijuana..). Matt P. was relatively shocked about the fact that in Germany the Police was able to make some ´´random´´ test controlls. In the USA you´ll need at last a reason for controlling someone (what was this nice expression for the police in the USA ??..pigs..?!). The accomodation which the Youth Hostel (YH) in Hamburg gave me (the YH was full..) as an alternative was indeed directly on the ´´Reeperbahn´´ between two Sexclubs but nevertheless okay. Despite the fact that we landed in ´´Harald´s Hotel´´... was a little Gay-Hotel... As we saw our accomodation for the first time we all got a little shock. But anyway they left us ´´untouched´´..good luck..hihi Maybe the ´´ Guests´´ thought we were also such Triple-Pair...well.. Quotation from Matt P.: ´´You are so naughty..Germany is so naughty..´´ - he lives on the land in New York and wasn´t used to see such things as the ´´Reeperbahn´´. In every case the Hotel was relatively central and the ´´Stadtpark´´ was not far away. About 04.30 p.m. we arrived at the ´´Stadtpark´´ (fresh out of the shower without any stinking socks..) and who saw we ? Jenny from Berlin !!! She had finally changed her mind and came to Hamburg. She hoped that Tori would play ´´Alamo´´ for her. She asked for this in Berlin. ´´Alamo´´ was by the way played on another concert.. but more to this later.. The M&G with Tori was one of the best for me. You can see it in the result..the photo with Tori is so damn fabolous ! A Toriphile from USA asked Tori if she would play ´´Thank You´´ for her (read the whole story on the ´´Dent´´) and Tori wrote ´´TY´´ on her hand.. Matt P.had the luck to be one of the first who had the new issue of the Rolling Stone Magazine with Tori on the Cover. Tori hadn´t read the article yet.. It was clear that Matt P. borrowed her his Rolling Stone until the end of the concert. Tori looks extremely awesome in this issue..but look for yourself..


I slowly believed in lucky coincidence but I was in the 1st row again (ok..two smaller girls before me) and once again direct eye-contact with Tori. Fabolous !!! Funny was only that on my left side.there was some kind of ´´´sweet´´ smoke in the air. There was really a pair that smoked a little ´´ Joint´´ together..hihi..not very usual for Toriphiles.. Before the beginning of the concert some VJ from MTV Europe walked in and interviewed some Toriphiles more left from me. Yet it was really funny to see this..relatively many young girls screamed and shouted the name of the VJ..sorry..forgot his name..brmpff... The concert itself was despite the rain amazing (Reviews: ``Dent´´) and the ´´i-spot´´ on all this was that at the end of the concert someone tipped me onto my shoulder from behind and asked: ´´Are you Michael ? Michael Heiker ?´´ Brooke, my e-mail-penpal from USA/Alabama was there together with her mother and about 6 or 7 sisters and girlfriends !!! Brooke told me before the start of my ´´Tori-Trip´´ that she´d try to find me in Hamburg but I didn´t know if it would work out well. Unfortunately she had to go early cause her sister had to be in the school the next day and so there was not enough time to go somewhere in Hamburg and drink a coffee together. Well..another time.. After the concert Tori signed me a Tourbook and I waved after Tori´s Tourbus. Actual the Tourbook was from Brooke and not mine..but Tori didn´t sign ´´For Brooke f. Tori´´ or something like that. So I keeped it for myself.. especially cause Tori was in such a hurry that she signed it on a VERY special place..but see for yourself.. The thing with the signed Tourbook for Brooke was completed (nachgeholt ??) later on in Vienna. Eric from Aachen drove us (Matt P., Rurik and I) to our ´´Hotel´´ afterwards so we could sleep a few hours and were able to organize how it goes on. Rurik drove back to Cologne the next morning (with Eric) and Matt P. and I drove to Berlin again. Elton John was playing there for 3 HOURS in the ´´Waldbühne´´.. Matt P. is a huge fan of Elton John and I also was curious to see the guy playing live.. Go for Berlin..once again...

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