12th June 1998

Berlin - Waldbühne - extraordinary sojourn.. Elton John..3 HOURS..


Matt P. and I jetted from Hamburg to Berlin (Rurik was already driving back to his appartment in Cologne together with Eric) to see the guy with the funny hair (ok..sorry..) - Elton John live in Berlin. Matt was extremely excited as he heard about Elton playing in Berlin. And 3 HOURS ! I must confess that I´m not a huge fan of Mr. John but nevertheless I was curious about seeing him live. So good.. After a cool and funny cardrive with Tori´s Music (and Paula Cole) on the speakers Matt P. and I arrived finally in Berlin. Hmm..kind of funny..wasn´t I there 4 days ago ? ..brmpff..hihi.. We didn´t have Tickets for the Show but this wasn´t a big problem (only the price..well..3 HOURS..). At the entrance of the ´´Waldbühne´´we were checked by the security and one of the Security-Girl was a little irritated cause of all the films I had stored in my Rucksack. She only asked me the whole time: ´´Why do you have so many films with you ??´´ I only said to her: ´´Do you know Tori Amos ?`` SHE: ´´Yes´´ I: ´´Well.. I need at least a few films cause I go to all the concerts of Tori in Germany and besides that I´ve my camera secured in the car of my buddy (Matt P.). The really startled Security-Girl let me finally into the ´´Waldbühne´´ but I couldn´t help myself.. I had to giggle a while about this..


It began to rain a little after Matt P. and I sat down on our place but during the concert it rained like they opened allt he heaven-gates. Nearly 3 Hours floody rain !!! The appearance of Elton John let us forget all that ! I alway was sure that Elton is a little arrogant but after this concert.. No doubt - the guy is absolutely great ! I didn´t know that I knew so many songs of him ! Elton also played ´´Daniel´´ - a song which Tori also played sometimes. During the concert there were more and more people who ran in front of the stage and at the end there must be around 100 or more people standing before the stage and rejoiced frenetically Elton John. SO crazy we really weren´t but it was nice to see that Elton even gave some autogramms to some of his fans. Matt P. told me later that HE would do this very rarely. In every case Matt was totally surprised how ´´BIG´´ Elton John is in Germany. ´´Germany LOVES Elton !´´ he said full of exuberance..hihi.. But yes - it was a excellent concert. At the end Matt P. and I were soaking wet and happy at the same time. After we (in the have to practice your Yoga for that..) changed our wet clothes we went (including a little rest..sleeping..) to BONN !!! See and experience Tori !!!

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