Tori Amos Tourdiary


13th June 1998

Bonn - Museumsplatz

Tori w/Joel greetin her German EWF´s are you.. Eric with a ´c gives Tori some Prospects of Bonn Tori...nothing more..and her loyal EWF´s Tori smiling.. Tori and Big Mike from Belgium..cute, eh ? In Steve Caton´s Hotel Suite - I was a little too drunk..hicks.. Tori and Matt Page - you see she knows and likes wonder after more than 150 Concerts..

A little tired but full of aniticipated joy to see Tori again Matt and I arrived in Bonn. We were almost allowed to park in the Backstage seemed that the Security Guy there had very few presentiment.. As we came to the Museumsplatz at about 01.00 p.m. Eric from Aachen and two other Toriphiles (i believe Eric de Bruyne from Belgium and memory fades away into an endless sky..) were already there. Eric said something about a Internet-Café inside of one building. I went into the Café to see if I can question my emails through ´´Yahoo!´´ but it was pretty full inside the Café. Excellent was indeed that the Devlins (first without the singer) were also hanging around in the Café. I asked the one guitarist if he´d know Jeff Buckley (J.B.) cause their singer would remind me a little of Jeff. Instantly we had a intensive conversation about Jeff and his early Death. The guitarist said that they´d hear the new J.B. - Double CD ´´Sketches.. For My Sweetheart The Drunken“ in the Tourbus and the whole band is a huge fan of Jeff. I was literally blown away ! I asked if it´s possible to play a cover song of J.B. during their shows but the guitarist said that they´d only have enough time to play the ´´usual´´ songs of their Album ´´Waiting´´ and a few from the old one ´´Drift´´. But they´d probably come back to Germany in October/November and then they could add some coversongs to their set. There it was clear for me that I´d visit some of the concerts of the Devlins in my near (unfortunately I didn´t get the vacation for the one concert in my near in Munich..). I dismissed from the Devlins and walked out onto the area of the Museumsplatz to wait at a side-entrance together with Matt P., Eric and some other Toriphiles for Tori. As Tori drove in for the M&G at nearly 04.30 p.m. I told her from the concert in Berlin yesterday and that Elton John indeed played ´´Daniel´´ but she would´ve played it even more beautiful (..well..I had a few hopes that maybe Tori would play this ingenius song). She showed me a wonderful grin and said: ´´´re so kind..thank you´´. She didn´t play it anyway but this yet unlikely..i tried it.. Also ingenius was by the way that I got some kind of ´´family-feeling´´ in Bonn. It was more than wonderful to know most of the Toriphiles and we all formed somehow a big ´´Tori-Familiy´´. I found it great that from time to time I also met people from the Internet ´´in person´´ - for example Martin N. from Bonn. It´s yet ingenius when you talk all the time via many emails or through the Chatprogramm (ICQ ! Great Programm !) about the Tour and finally you really met each other. The same happened in Hamburg with Brooke from USA and overall.. I love the Internet !! But this only on the verge..
The Soundcheck was audible in full sound intensity to us Toriphiles from a excellent point.. We were on the roof of a building next to the stage. At the beginning I (and other Toriphiles) tried to look through the blockades before the Stage-Area but then we had to vanish.. Anyway it was fabolous cause we could hear the Soundcheck from the roof..hihi..


At the beginning I thought..hmmm.. 1st row Seat 28..must be a good ticket..untill I recognized that I sat pretty far at the right side in front of the speakers. But as I rarely accept such situations I tried to get a better seat more in the center of the 1st row. Also Matt P. and some other Toriphiles ( as always..hihi..). Matt P. sat beside me at the end on seat 27. At least I had a first class seat during the set of the Devlins untill shortly before Tori entered the Stage the ´´legitime´´ owner of my place expelled me from ´´his´´ seat..shit.. BUT...that didn´t matter anyway..cause during the concert Tori bowed down to Matt P. an me to greet us. THAT was excellent !!! Tori had by the way some technical problems near the end of the concert and couldn´t play for a while. It was a pitty that the problems cleared up so fast. Tori said namely (during she danced a sweet..) she must sing something for us alone.. The ´´Hungarian Wedding Song´´ would´ve suited wonderful..what a pitty..
At the end of the concert Tori played ´´Sugar´´.. a more than charming closing for this really good concert in Bonn (more as usual in the ´´Dent´´). The final M&G was again a nice ending for the concert in did go on..hihi.. AND HOW !!!
After it we (about 15 Toriphiles) went together with Steve Caton (Tori´s friend and guitarist) to a ´´Pub-Tour´´ through Bonn. Something like that I hadn´t experienced yet - this was simply AMAZING !!! First we all ´´landed´´ in a pub in the center of Bonn but before we went in Matt P. called from a nearby Telephone-Cell Mikewhy - the creator of the supposingly biggest site on the Internet about Tori Amos ´´A Dent In The Tori Amos Net Universe“ to tell him the setlist of this day´s concert. Unfortunately only the answering machine was on the phone but that didn´t bother us. Besides that Matt P. asked Steve Caton if he could leave some message for Mikewhy on the answering machine. That would definitely make the day for Mikewhy. I believe that after Mikewhy heard the recorded message he probably jumped up and down all the time..hihi..just guessing.. In the afore said pub in Bonn we all stayed untill 01.00 a.m. (or should I say until we were thrown out..) and also made some photos of this memorable event. After some of us unfortunately had to leave us (French Fanclub and some others) we searched for the next reasonable pub. The next Station was a absolut ingenius Cuban Café. For I had drunk a double whisky in the pub before I was relatively easy. All together I ordered two very good Havann-Rum - Cocktails in the Cuban Café. Apruptly even Steve Caton understood my really worse aczent. This was brilliant cause I recognized what a damn cool guy Steve is. I told him from the german ´´culture-treasure´´ ´´Katzeklo´´ from Helge Schneider (..Cattoilet - Cattoilet- yes that makes the cat happy..). I believe he liked it..hihi.. On the way back from Berlin I had told Matt P. in a McDonald´s from our ´´Treasures´´ as Helge Schneider or ´´Die Doofen´´ (The Dumb - ..take me even if I stink..if not there´s another bitch standing on the corner...- free translation..) and especially about the favorite song of the german women: ´´Männer sind Schweine´´ (Men are Pigs) from the `´Ärzte´´ (The Doctors). Matt P. laughed about that before and Steve liked the lyrics pretty good ! As the Café closed unfortunately at 03.00 a.m. we went on to the Hotel of Steve ! I mean.. the 5 Star ´´Maritim´´ ! It was pretty funny as he told us to be quiet and said (something like this): ´´Hey Guys.. I could get fired for this !´´ brilliant ! As we (about 8 people) sat down on the couch in Steve´s Suite we talked pretty long about the whole Tourlife and about Tori and who knows what.. I must´ve felt asleep at about 05.00 or 05.30 a.m. to be awakened by another Toriphile (Stephan from Kleve idea..). We said goodbye to Steve and walked nearly dazed (ä of the whole experiences out on the street. The ingenius with all this was, that Tori slept in the same hotel I presume only a few rooms away from the suite of Steve Caton but we really hadn´t the smallest intention to wake up Tori..was better so..
The only worse after this ´´Tour´´ was my aching head..damn Havanna-Rum.. My luck was that Matt P. was sober and so he drove - with the usual sleeping pause - to the next concert in STUTTGART !!!

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