14th June 1998

Stuttgart - Killesberg (was moved to the nearby Hall Kongresszentrum B cause of the rain..)


Stefan from Kleve and we (Matt P., Rurik and I) arrived after a very nice cardrive ( including the usual rests..) a bit crumbled (at least I) in Stuttgart. Nice was of course that it rained once again..well.. Thus the Open-Air-Concert on the Stuttgarter Killesberg ws moved into the Kongresszentrum B on the same area. What a pitty.. Strange was also that Tori gave no Meet´n´Greet today. Maybe she had no time or just no pleasure. I can fully understand when Tori has to make a break somtimes from all the hurly-burly around her. Still Matt P., Rurik and I had a good place in front of the main-entrance. Eric T. from Aachen and some other known faces were still there. The outcome was at the end a place in the 1st row - center - direct eye-contact to Tori for me ! I slowly believed in a good hand from above that brought me into the 1st row at Standing-Concerts.. Stuttgart was unfortunately Matt P.´s last concert in Germany before he had to fly back to the USA.


I´m convinced that Tori below other reasons gave 4 Encores only cause of Matt P. from the USA. She knew that Stuttgart was Matt´s last concert in Europe and maybe she wanted to ´´sweeten´´ his goodbye. Only my personal opinion... Matt ist yet someone Tori know pretty good. He must´ve seen about 70 concerts at the end of the Plugged ´98 Tour !!! Tori played ´´Butterfly´´ by request of Matt P. and shortly before ´´Crucify´´ she sang a small part of ´´Black Swan´´ for me (although even I´m not entirely sure about this cause I really was in some kind of trance at that moment..). I thanked her immediately with a ´´Thank you Tori !´´ and the gratitude was a little smile from Tori for me. I don´t know if actually anyone noticed that Tori sang a little peace of ´´Black Swan´´ for me. It was as if only Tori and I were in the concert-hall for this short moment. Tori gave everything on this day ! She was phenomenal ! - See the ´´Dent´´ for some reviews for this fascinating concert ! At the end Matt P., Rurik, I and some other Toriphiles tried to figure out if Tori gives a late M&G. Thereby it ended with us waving after Tori´s Tourbus and exchanging some adresses under us Toriphiles. The others and I said goodbye to Matt P. and wished him all the best. Rurik and I were driven to the Railway-Station by Stephan from Kleve (Croatia had just won a game in the Football-World-Championship... a loud honking car-snake drove along the railway-station) to get the last train to Karlsruhe (..last chance..the German Railway is really not the best..). In Karlsruhe - of course - the McDonald´s had closed at 01.15 a.m. Well.. Rurik and I divided the cost for a Taxi between us to drive back to my Hometown Waghäusel. At home I surfed a little in the Internet and after a short night we drove with relatively less sleep (4 hours..) in my VW Golf II to Vienna/Austria. So ride on to Tori in VIENNA !!!

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