15th June 1998

Vienna - Libro Music Hall


After a pretty stressing car-drive (not much time..) Rurik and I arrived damn happy and lucky to be not to late for the M&G at the Libro Music Hall. As we saw Tori´s Bodyguard Joel and he said we´d have to wait a while for Tori the world was nice as ever. I yet had a little fear of missing the M&G...puh.. But besides was extremely relaxed there in Vienna ! In the nearby Park the people walked around in total peace, from the Devlins to Matt Chamberlain (Tori´s phenomenal Drummer). This was after all my opportunity to speak with Matt ! He was like a Ghost.. there and immediately away.. But in Vienna everything was otherwise.. We had instantly a conversation about the Film ´´Der Dritte Mann´´ (The Third Man) from Orson Welles. It was namely a huge amusement park in the near - the Vienna ´´Prater´´ - with the famous Ferris wheel from the afore said film. I told Matt that I´ve heard from the film before but never seen it and only knew ´´Citizen Kane´´ from Orson Welles. He said that he´d either not seen the ´´Dritte Mann´´ but as so many people tell it´d be a good film it must be true..hihi.. Matt was by the way very impressed from the Photo that Rurik had with him and signed it with pleasure. I must confess that it was a superb Live-shot from the Den Haag-Show. Except of Tori all band-members now had signed the photo - later on also Tori.. I also was able to get Matt´s signature on my limited Single of ´´Spark´´. Now I had the signatures of Tori and the whole band !! YES !!! Later on we met Eric and a few other Toriphiles (Uli aka Wilma and others). They were togther with Steve Caton on the well known Ferris wheel and came all together walking to us. It´s nice to see some known faces again. Eric told us that he was there very early (about 01.00 p.m.) just as Tori walked to the side-entrance. Tori was a bit surprised that someone was there so early but was nevertheless willing for a photo of her and Eric (see Photo). As the actual M&G took place Tori had indeed not much time but anyway she took her time for us Toriphiles. I let her sign a Tourbook for Brooke from the USA (with dedication: ´´Brooke f. Tori´´). After the M&G we were able to hear several songs ot the Soundcheck form our place at the side-entrance but Rurik and I first had to look for some Tickets. But this was really no problem at all cause you could get them very easy at the box-office. As we walked into the Libro Music Hall Rurik saw a poster on which there was also Tori´s name called ´´ Libro Music Days´´. Björk entered the stage the day before and on the next day (16.09.98) there would play ´´Garbage´´. As Rurik is a damn great fan of Garbage he decided offhand not to drive back home with me (respectively to Cologne) but to stay in Vienna and see Garbage. I can only say so was worth it.. Somehow the guy made it to get backstage and talk with Shirley Manson from Garbage. She even signed him his Backstagepass. It was clear that Rurik was still was floating on clouds in Nürnberg on the 17th June..hihi..


I came relatively late into the hall together with Rurik and the first support-act ´´tanga´´ played already. All in all there were three support acts. ´´tanga´´ was pretty weird or better said..they sucked.. ´´Morcheeba´´ was wonderful House/Trance-Music but I was unfortunately just to tired for this kind of music..and the ´´Devlins´´ were - as always - damn good. The whole was arranged as the ´´Libro Music Days´´ - kind of a festival only in the hall not outside. Properly speaking I hadn´t to wonder but although there still were some people standing in the front area (1st and 2nd row) I made it right in time to come to Tori directly in the 1st row - middle - eye-contact. On this Tour I became a ´´recovering Christian´´ again !! The Show from Tori was captivating good.. The only thing that disturbed me a little bit where the often heard ´´Toorriiiii !!!!`´ - screams and one time very loud beneath me ´´I love you Tori !!! I really do !!!´´..brmpff..hihi.. I nearly died laughing as the guy beneath me yelled this out so loud at once.. The full concert review is as ever on the ´´Dent´´ but I must add something. Tori walked to the edge of the stage after the 1st encore and reached out her hands to us Toriphiles in a knee-bend. But what I found so wonderful and what I will n e v e r e v e r forget is that she reached her hands directly in my direction and gave me as the only one gently her hands. In this short moment Tori gave me e x t r e m e l y much... At the later M&G I thanked Tori again for today´s concert and tried to let her sense that the touching of her hands gave me a lot. I was simply away - not on this earth anymore - even on the next day in Munich.. and even today..when I even think about this concert. Rurik and I drove after a kind of long search (Vienna has really a strange streetplan..) to the appartment from a friend of Rurik´s Father in Vienna to sleep a little there. I was happy that at the next morning my car was still standing on the parkin place respectively I got no parking-advice.. It was damn difficult to find a reasonable parking-place in this little side-streets..well... In every case I woke up at 11.30 a.m. and looked that I came home. Rurik stayed because of ´´Garbage´´ in Vienna. The drive back home to Waghäusel was e x t r e m e l y stressing... especially cause I wanted unconditional come to Karlsruhe and buy some CD´s for Tori which I would hand over to her in Nürnberg at 17.06. If anyone has seen the film ´´Falling Down´´ with Michael Douglas..that would´ve nearly happened to me..........

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