Tori Amos Tourdiary



17th June 1998

Nürnberg - Serenadenhof

Stardust by Neil Gaiman/Charles Vess signed by Tori

II arrived about 02.30 p.m. at the ´´Serenadenhof´´ floody rain.. But after all I like rain.. at least until a special point.. In Scotland it also rains v e r y often and I love to travel to Scotland. At a side-entrance a small little stair was leading up which was over-roofed and there I met yet two other Toriphiles (Markus L. and ? memory fades away into darkness again..). Instantly we exchanged some Tour-Experiences and hoped that the rain would take an end. Petrus had mercy with us.. At nearly 03.00 p.m. the rain stopped and slowly Eric T. from Aachen and Rurik from Cologne spinned in also. We took position at the side-entrance for the later M&G with Tori. The nearer the end of the Tour came the more I recognized how hard I´ll miss all this. The common waiting for Tori, the exchanging of news about Tori and when one had pictures of Tori instantly ordering copies of them.. I had bought two CD´s (Jeff Buckley´s ´´Sketches..For My Sweetheart The Drunken´´ and Maryam Mursal - ´´The Journey´´) for Tori which I bought literally in the last minute in Karlsruhe. I presented them to Tori wrapped in some gift-paper I got from Rurik. Good luck he had some with him.. I didn´t have the time to buy some neither had a bit a home.. I had no adhesive tape but at least it worked with two packs of Tissues - the claspstickers.. you only need good ideas.. As Rurik gave her his CD and some flowers plus in addition I presented her my CD´s Tori only said: ´´Oh.. Thank you guys ! You are so nice to me..´´ and thanked us with her unique smile. I only hope that I hear sometime if Tori liked the CD´s... Besides that Tori signed me my STARDUST-Comic from Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess on the site with the ´´Tori-Tree´´ with a nice dedication: ´´Neil made Tree..Tori´´ (with an arrow to the tree). Neil Gaiman had promised Tori that he´d make her a tree (see the picture) and evenly in this comic he was. After the M&G we yet walked to the main-entrance of the ´´Serenadenhof´´ to safe us a good place. I was (yeah,yeah..once again.´´I´m a recovering Christian !!!´´) in the lucky state to stand in fron of the controll-gates. I had indeed some considerings that the security would examine my rucksack to long but good luck it didn´t take long.
It was kind of funny to see how very slowly the people standed behind me and finally built a l o n g snake down to the bank of the nearby river.. And all so great and pushing or shoving.. Toriphiles are ´´civilized´´ Fans.. As we were waiting there for the admition and listened to the Soundtrack during the time Steve Caton came out of the Serenadenhof. I asked him if he´d have a little time - he was clearly in a hurry but he took the time. So I was able to present him in the name of the about 10 people who where with him on the ´´Pub-Tour´´through Bonn a nice bottle of Scotch Single Malt Whisky (´´Talisker´´). He´s very happy for this but I don´t know if he took my advice and drank the whisky carefully. I hope it for his throat..hihi..


This was supposingly one of the best concerts I was able to see. During the Devlins were playing it rained again but hey..they´re from Ireland ! As soon as Tori entered the Stage the rain stopped..strange ?? NO..where Tori is there is sunshine.. (now I even get poetic..) Tori played a wonderful concert and for the first time ´´Little Amsterdam´´ together with the band. But what made this show so u n i q u e for mewas that after the 1st encore Tori walked through the betwenn the stage and us lying underwood (nice blue Adidas shoes..) directly to me in the 1st row to give me the most wonderful ´´Tori-Hug´´ that I could ever experience !!! Before all the other Toriphiles... a huge embrace with Tori.. I was Tori-high..blewn away..floating on Cloud 7... After the concert I thanked her heartfelt and waved after the Tourbus. It got clear to me that I´d only see two concerts of her on this European - Tour. Munich tomorrow and the Extra-Show in Frankfurt on the 23rd June. The Tour unfortunately reached the end very fast.. After the M&G in the evening I drove together with Stephan, Rurik and Alexander (Hagenheim/Bavaria) into the City of Nürnberg on the search for a good pub. We had luck.. A Rock-Café had opened ´til 02.00 a.m. with a really good looking waitress... and excellent music (my God.. they actuallly played only good music from Led Zeppelin to Pearl Jam and this in FULL loudness..). We flirted a little with the Waitress and I showed Stephan, Rurik and Alexander some of the pictures I made for eventually repeat-orders of them (..was quite a bit to order..). As the Rock-Café closed his doors at 02.00 a.m. Stephan drove Rurik and me to the Railway-Station (Alexander came with his own car). From there we went on to MUNICH !!!

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