Tori Amos Tourdiary



18th June 1998

Munich - Philharmonie


At about 03.00 p.m. I - finally..dumb train-connections..and yet in addition no plan.. - arrived at the Philharmonie. The building is yet pretty impressing when you see it for the first time. I just inquired at the Information where I´d sit in the was ok. I had 2nd row but entirely on the left row.. As I still had some time left I walked a little around on the area of the Philharmonie and met accidentaly the guitarist of the Devlins. He was a little short handed cause he wanted to go into the City and make some sightseeing. Later on I also met the drummer of the Devlins. He had unequivocal more time which leaded right into a interesting conversation about African Djembe-Drums and African Music. The guy is really on a damn easy trip ! Then I met Christoph V. (Aachen) and after exchanging some Tour-Experiences we went to the side-entrance for the M&G. It´s clear that Eric T. and a few others were yet there..hihi.. Tori did sign me my Rolling Stone 30th Anniversary Edition at the M&G but somehow I had a bad feeling during it. Again a signature from Tori.. I purposed for Frankfurt on the 23rd June that I won´t ask for a signature or a photo from Tori..just day Thank You. Besides I met Matt D. (from USA) at the M&G for the first time. It turned out pretty soon that he was totally cool..


My seat in the 2nd row was certainly ok but the pair next to me was so kind (Thank you whereever you are !) and moved a little (to the left side) ans so again I had damn big luck ! In the 2nd row but DIRECT eye-contact with Tori ! I say it again..during this tour.. I truly became a confessing Christ... The Sound was very wwll in fact but only at the end really excellent. I had the feeling as if the Soundengineer in the Philharmonie would sleep sometimes.. Tori played ´´Here, in my Head´´ solo at the piano.. only therefore the concert was a full sucess. But one huge deficit in the Philharmonie were definitely the ´´nice´´ and ´´friendly´´ female stewards. Hardly had I or another Toriphile the desire to dance at the ´´Waitress´´ - what´s really difficult to avoid.. - we were yet ordered back to our seats rigorously..well... I continued dancing on my seat then... To our luck there were enough Toriphiles before the stage at the end of the concert..hähä..the stewards had NO chance to keep us away from Tori. I´s indeed a classic Concert-Hall.. but do they have to be SO harsh ? Anyway.. proberly speaking it didn´t matter to me. I took my chance and walked to the stage at the 1st encore to thank Tori. She reached me her hands and looked me for a moment deep in my eyes. If I was in the land of the Dreamking again ?? Clear !! ´´Silent all these Years´´ at the end made the Highlight for this besides the female stewards impressing concert of Tori.

Later at the 2nd M&G I asked Tori yet why she didn´t play ´´Thank You´´ as on the setlist. She only said: ´´I´ll play it in Frankfurt´´. Tori didn´t play it in Frankfurt but instead of this a song for Jenny from Berlin.. but more to this later... At least I went home again to Waghäusel (via railway) to arrive somewhere at 06.00 a.m. on 19th June in my hometown. I was of course so dumb and surfed ´til 09.00 a.m. in the Internet respectively wrote emails..well.. That is why I woke up at 04.30 p.m. Cause of my drowsiness I nearly missed my train at 09.00 p.m. to Scheeßel / Hamburg. But I made it yet in time.. on to the HURRICANE FESTIVAL with Björk and the Asian Dub Foundation !!!

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