Tori Amos Tourdiary



20th June 1998

Scheeßel / Hamburg - HURRICANE FESTIVAL - no Tori..but Björk..


At morning say 06.20 a.m. I finally arrived in Scheeßel after a pretty long journey with the train. It´s really a little god-forsaken place which is probably pretty happy about the Business-Factor ``HURRICANE FESTIVAL´´... Anyway, first to the camping-site ( the way was nicely told to me from a relatively ``sober´´ guy...) and build up my little Iglu-Tent. After a full hour (I should´ve trained it more often..) it was finally standing.. Both happy and tired I first layed down´til 12.00 a.m. and took some sleep. I needed it... Unfortunately this was nearly impossible at 11.00 a.m... there were already a few people on the camping-site and MANY of them were everything else than sober....

."GRÖÖÖÖÖÖHHHHHHHLLLLLLLL....LALLL....RRRRAAAMMMMSSSTTEEEIIINNNNN...." much to this.. Sleeping ? I stopped thinking about it - on to the Festival area !

From now on (for the duration of the HURRICANE FESTIVAL) follows the exact scribble from my little note-pad - no editing - pure original ! Let´s go:

Since ca. 11.15 a.m. i´m yet here..shit warm weather ! I´m very furious - at the moment I would love to be in Zürich (Switzerland) by Tori and not in this god-forsaken place !!! But later comes Heather Nova..maybe she´s good and then about 12.00 p.m. Björk. We´ll see.. Tomorrow I look forward to see the Asian Dub Foundation and later in the evening the Beastie Boys but besides that the whole place here is much to warm and absolutely s h i t until now.. To my luck there´s a little breeze coming up - damn sun !!! It´s now 09.30 p.m. and slowly it get´s cold - Iggy Pop plays and then Chumbawamba. I will go down at circa 11.00 p.m. and yet try to push me in front as far I can for Björk at 12.00 p.m. After Björk probably the rest of Tito and Tarantulla and then back to my tent..sleeping.. Tomorrow (21.06.) I´m hopefully awake in time for the Asian Dub Foundation and hopefully it works with the M&G.. So I presume I will eat and drink something and then at 11.00 p.m. move my ass to the stage for Björk.

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