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21th June 1998

Scheeßel / Hamburg - HURRICANE FESTIVAL Part Two

.....Björk was fabulous !!! I got a lot of photos (about 30 or so) of her ! It´s clearly to hot !!! I´ll watch the Asian Dub Foundation (A.D.F.) then away from here..
The A.D.F. was so damn brilliant that I naturally strained my left shoulder.. But however.. as I was standing in the 1st row in front of the one guitarist he pointed d i r e c t l y to me with his hand and said (very near to this..): ``Now please look at THIS guy down there.. he has a T-Shirt on.. that T-Shirt says ``Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan´´..the next song we´ll play ist for Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan...(N.F.A.K.) Inshallah !!!´´ I was blewn away !!! In front of a this time (02.30 p.m.) about 1000 or more people..something like THIS !!! Fabulous !!! Later I had the occassion to let me sign my N.F.A.K.-Tribute Album from the whole A.D.F. (one song from them was also on it..the Remix to ``Ta Deem´´). The A.D.F´ler were totally happy about me and my T-Shirt..Fabulous !!! Nevertheless I packed my tent after this and looked that I came home. In the Moment I´m just sitting in the room betwenn the 1st and 2nd class in a IC to Mannheim and DIRECTLY beneath the Toilet ! My ears are nearly deaf from the neverending rattling of the train and the repeated opening of the Train-connection-door. But all in all I´m happy to be at home soon (in hopefully 2 ½ hours). For the many pictures of Björk and the signatures of the entire A.D.F. Scheeßel was worth it - without it - not ! Ok..let´s wait ´til I´m at home again. On Tuesday is the last concert of Tori in Frankfurt. Shit man !! Really pitty ! I´ll buy some flowers tomorrow and maybe a little Teddybear for Tori. Hopefully everything works..

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