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Jeff Buckley

1966 - 1997

Who was Jeff Buckley ?

What kind of Music was he playing ?

Why has he died so early ?

These and so many other questions I was asked, when I was talking about Jeff. Sometimes I really don´t know an answer.

Scott Moorhead was born on 17th November 1966 in Orange County / California as a son of the legendary Singer/Songwriter Tim Buckley and a pianist from Panama. His Mother divorced soon after his birth and married an Car-Mechanic . For a few years Scott was living in a real family but as his Mother also divorced from Scott´s Stepfather he had to accept a life in small, cramped Houses. As Scott was 12 years old his Stepfather gave him a copy of Led Zeppelin´s "Physical Graffiti". The Album inspired Scott to play the Guitar and harmonica. After the divorce of his Mother from his Stepfather was completed Scott changed his name into Jeff Buckley (Jeffrey Scott Buckley).

"JEFF BUCKLEY, A BEAUTIFUL, UNFAILINGLY CHARMING MAN, with a heaven-sent voice, could identify the emotional core of any kind of song - from Led Zeppelin to Benjamin Britten, from Mahalia Jackson to Mahler - bring it to an ambitious, eclectic repertoire and sing it full of soul." (MOJO-Magazine 08/97)

On the evening of 29th May 1997 Jeff Buckley was hanging aroung together with his friend Keith Foti at the shore of the Mississippi. Jeff swimmed singing and laughing (..he had "Whole Lotta Love.." on his lips..) for about 15 Minutes during which Keith keeped eye-contact to him. As suddenly some motor boats drove by and created waves, Keith turned around and took the Ghettoblaster which was standing on the shore in a safe distance. After he turned around again Jeff was vanished . First he thought Jeff would try to fool him and called after him. But as there was no sign of Jeff he alarmed the police. The following intensive search resulted after a full week in the tragical Message that the dead body of Jeff Buckley was fond on the shore of the Mississippi. In a reconstruction of the authorities they said that the motor boats driving by created a swirl which simply pulled Jeff under the water.

Jeff Buckley was dead.

Somehow it´s still so damn short since this tragical accident happened. Jeff´s Music and his unconcernde and happy way of life will stay in my mind forever. He touched my and so many others feelings in a way that I still can´t believe that Jeff should be dead. Maybe it sounds a little crazy, but Jeff Buckley´s Death hit me nearly as hard as if someone in my family died.

All what I and all the others who knew and appreciated Jeff maybe can do is to keep him in mind as the ingenius Musician and absolute smart guy that he was and hear his Music - in the best full loudness.... -

I want to thank Jeff with this Requiem posthumous for all that he gave me and so many others and call attention to all who didn´t know Jeff. On the following Sites I will as far as possible show all his lyrics and some reports about him. Maybe YOU and many others will be fascinated by the Music of Jeff Buckley. Then maybe I´d have done my small part of trying not to forget Jeff - to keep him in the minds of us forever.

"Time takes care of the wound, so I can believe. You had so much to give , you thought I couldn´t see. Gifts for boot heels to crush, promises deceived. I had to send it away to bring us back again..."

Part from "Morning Theft" of Jeff Buckley´s Album "Sketches - For My Sweetheart The Drunk"

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